Sana Blogger Template Premium Free Download

Sana Blogger Template Premium Free DownloadSana Blogger Template is a stylish looking blogger template with many features, whether it is about beauty, photos, food, makeup, travel, DIY or any professional website related to any business, franchise and boutique.  This free responsive blogger template features a premium-looking design with high-quality widgets and fully responsive layout. The theme is based on the new generation framework of Blogger, which means it includes the latest schema markup, rich results, Google snippets, a minimal comment widget with emoji, and many more. It is one of its kind blogging theme with super stylish design, which includes a hero header, where you can add the tag line of your blog and description for extra SEO benefits, you can use this theme in any type Personal fashion blog, or you can make a blog about niche such as travel, photography, makeup, beauty, fashion, etc.

This amazing Sana Blogger template is a good piece of typography and easy to read top of the class design art. This free blogspot theme is fully responsive and has many customizable features, you can create your blog with simple tweaks and changes. This blogger theme has many new features such as schemas, rich results, emojis, minimal commenting systems, and many more based on the latest generation framework of Blogger. It is a super simple theme and you can use this theme to create any personal website, it will give a beautiful touch. This blogger theme has seamless support of blogger template customizer, which lets you customize the background, title color, font color and more.

Features of Sana Blogger Template :-

100% Pure Responsive, SEO Ready, Google Validation, Mobile Friendly, Loading Speed, Error Page, Detailed Documentation, Video Documentation, Multi Dropdown Menu, Hot Post, Hero Header Post, Multi Dropdown Menu, Recent Posts, Random Posts, Label Posts, Search Widget, New Elegant Comments, Social Buttons, More Awesome Features

Fonts used in Sana Blogger Template :-

The Sana Blogger template uses trendy fonts provided by Google and you can also change these fonts to suit your needs and if you need to edit this template to accommodate the fonts of this template Documentation or Feedback Know what you want to do. I can serve you to edit or change this template fonts.

Icons used in This Sana Blogger template :-

The Sana Blogger template uses icons that are provided by the font-awesome CSS library that many websites use on the Internet. You also can use another library for icons otherwise you can also use images, but it'll be challenging that for your ease I even have used the font-awesome CSS library. If you do not have knowledge about font-awesome, just go to and search for font-awesome CSS library and you will be handed full information about font-awesome css library.



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