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Fitrah press may be a template that carries an easy, comprehensive, and focused theme. Only use one lay out post that attempts to supply focused content and reduce the bounce rate. So writers and readers aren't confused with sidebars, widgets, and more. 

The name Fitrah Press itself comes from a combination of several words which I think is suitable for use in this tamplate. The first is Fitrah (Arabic) which means to open and Press (in English) which means to press. So my cool definition is to open a simple view to suppress the focus point of the reader. hehe 

Actually that fitrah comes from my wife's name, namely fitri who is currently pregnant. Pray for the mother and the baby for a smooth life. And the last word (press) comes from my favorite tamplate name, which is generate press. Thus the name of this tamplate is Fitrah Press. 

Basically, this template is made for reasons of jealousy of some of the features that can be done when we use wordpress, such as tables of content, value ratings, and so on. Therefore, this tamplate is made to be similar to wordpress approval.

Please note that some of the post layouts contained in this template are also inspired by the appearance of blogs that use the Generate Press template which is simple, firm, readible, and easy to look at. Therefore, this tamplate can hopefully treat my jealousy towards some cool WordPress features.

Then, the basis of this tamplate is actually the Premium Responsive Blogger by Mbak Arlina which of course you already know everything. Then I modified it myself by adding several items that were widely available on Google. Some of the tutorials that I read also come from Ms. Igniel, Muhmmad Maki, and so on to support this sample. 

I used this tamplate for a long time, and the traffic continues to increase. This is because I keep updating the data structure and completing it such as review coverage and sitelinks. 

And God willing, when you install this tamplate one month later your traffic and incomplete will increase by at least 30%. God willing. Anyway, you have to keep writing diligently.

Download Fitrah Press - Responsive Blogger Template Like a WordPress

Because this is the first tamplate I built with low capabilities, therefore I share this tamplate for free. 

And if the response is positive, God willing, I will continue to make other versions such as the 3 coloum, as well as the amp. However, please download and enjoy this tamplate.


Pros of Tamplate Fitrah Press

Although not as good and sophisticated as the tamplate created by expert bloggers such as Igniel, Arlina, Muhammad Maki, and others. But, God willing, will you dare to be side by side with their tamplate if it's just a matter of simplicity and function. 

If others - maybe a little less. The following are the advantages of press fitrah in general.

1.100% Responsive and Delicious to Read 

Carrying a simple and focused theme and seeing the famous template for the wordpress platform, namely generate press, I try to give the value of simplicity and firmness in each element in this template. 

The goal is to provide comfort to readers to enjoy the words written on the blog with this theme.

2. Seo Friendly

This fitrah press tamplate is equipped with a data structure that, God willing, is complete and even if there are shortcomings, next I will update it to make this tamplate better. Therefore, please review it in the comments below. 

ln this template already uses the latest Json-Ld which allows Google to get full coverage according to the needs of readers. Breadcrumb has also been updated and God willing, it won't receive a warning from Google. Blogger blog is one of the important elements that I think should be there for our article sitelinks to appear.

And there are many others which, if I explain, are even longer. Maybe next time.

3. Free This is, Don't Pay

Because it is a template that I have used and thank God I have developed it to the best of my ability, I am sharing it with you for free so that your traffic also increases to even tens of thousands of pv per day. 

Disadvantages of Tamplate Fitrah Press

In this section I also want to mention some of the shortcomings of this tamplate to be considered when using this tamplate. Obviously because this tamplate is a personal modification tamplate, it definitely lacks a lot. The shortcomings are as follows:

1. Less Speed

Even though it's seo friendly and mobile friendly, this template is not 100% fast when tested using page speed insight and gt metrix. Why ? because I'm still lazy to update again heheh. 

But it also needs to be remembered that the speed of the blog is also influenced by the advertisements and the number of images you use, it doesn't matter if it's fast on the homepage but not fast in every article. heheh. Therefore, let's learn together to speed up blog loading. 

Currently, I use a premium amp tamplate made by muhammad malik, namely fletro amp.

2. Not Using Layout V3 and Widget V2

You already know that blogger itself now has the latest updates from features, dashboards, layouts and widgets. Now this tamplate doesn't use the latest layout and widgets yet, the reason is because it's still not the time to update it again. Maybe next time. Pray for bray.

2. Not as good as the other Tamplate

Not good ? Yes, no need to ask, because the theme that was carried out was simple, simple, and simple. Why ? because I like it simple and easy to read.  

So that is what I can convey and I share with all of you. The most important advice from me is to continue and continue to be istiqomah in carrying out your hobby. So, get paid for doing what you love, you must still remember the slogan from the ads, heheh. 

Please support us to continue to provide positive suggestions for the future and God willing, I will upgrade in the future.


V1 (06 November 2020)

  • Improvements to more effective css writing
  • Fix a bug on the Fletro Pro share button
  • Make it easier to set the bottom menu, just through the layout
  • Update blogger HTML structure
  • readcrumb repair
  • Column design improvements
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