Seosite v1 Responsive Blogger Template Download

Seosite v1 Responsive Blogger Template DownloadSeosite Blogger template that a material design look with a clean and really light appearance. Seosite already features a structure recommended by Google SEO, Valid CSS3, Valid HTML5, Valid Structured Data, besides that this template has Font Awesome Premium installed. Templates that are clean, responsive, SEO friendly and valid templates are popular with search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex et al., Seosite has also installed ad slots both ahead and in posts, so you not have difficulty putting ads on this template.

The features available on the Seosite template are very numerous, you'll see the links below or check out the featured list below. Output Seosite is also a Blogger example that options a fabric style look with a clean and extremely light-weight look.

Template Features :-
  • Responsive Layout
  • SEO Friendly
  • Font Awesome Premium
  • Valid CSS3
  • Valid HTML5
  • Valid Structured Data
  • Valid Schema.Org
  • Chats WhatsApp
  • Search
  • Top Nav
  • 2 Ad slots on the homepage
  • 4 Ad slots in posts
  • Ad slots in the sidebar are unlimited
  • Recent Home Per Label
  • Post meta
  • Breadcrumbs (Hidden)
  • Social Share
  • Related Posts
  • Comments Blogger
  • Social Media
  • 3 Model Drop Cups
  • Multiple Button Display
  • Tab View
  • Gallery Image Responsive
  • Alert Text
  • Back To Top
  • And Much More...

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